The association is not run by the executive board alone: many members work hard to keep „Aesculapius” booming. „Aesculapius” has many committees, that have different tasks. Below, you can find an overview of these committees.


Almanac Committee
Archives Committee
Audit Committee
Bartender Guild
Career Committee

Charity Committee
Dies Committee
Freshmen Committee
Freshmen Weekend Committee
Internal Rules Committee
Lustrum Almanac Committee
Lustrum Dies Committee
Master Committee
Photo Committee

Senior Weekend Committee
SQ-linair Editorial Committee
Study Committee


Because our Bachelor program is in Dutch, the „Aesculapius”-committees are Dutch only. There is one exception: we have a Masters committee, which focusses on activities for masters, such as a sports day, a BBQ and a scientific excursion. If you would be interested to be part of this committee, or for any questions in general, please contact