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Like in the last two years, the Charity Committee will organize an auction! The auction will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of May in the Science Club from 17:00 h. Our auctioneer will try his absolute best to sell items and activities for the best price. As usual, all the profit will go to “Stichting Tekenbeetziekten”. To make this auction a big success, we need all the possible help from out fellow students. Do you have an item and/or activity that you would like to sell for some karma points? Let us know before 12:00 h the 3rd of May and e-mail it to and maybe your item will make a big profit! Do you have nothing to get auctioned but still want the karma points? Come to the Science Club the 3rd after your lecture/internship and offer some money for charity!

In about two weeks, the 132nd candidate-executive board will be revealed!  Do you have an idea about the upcoming board members of „Aesculapius”? Fill in a ‘Raad het KB’ form for €1 and maybe you will win half of the profit! It’s also possible to buy multiple forms if you would like to spread your chances. The other half of the profit will go to the foundation against tick bite diseases. You can get a form at the members of the charity committee. The candidate board will be announced on Wednesday the 8th of March during the Revelation Party.

Dear Aesculapen,

During the last Third Tuesday Drinks, the Charity Committee revealed their item, a comfortable warm fleece blanket with the measurements of 125 cm by 150 cm. Ideal when you’re in the bus to Switzerland during the foreign excursion, when you’re camping during summer, for a movie night, etc.. The maximum prize of the blanket is €12.50 and the yield will go to ´Stichting Tekenbeetziekten´, so when you buy one, you will not only help yourself, but also support a charity! You can find the forms at ’t Hok or get them from a Charity Committee member.


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