From this year on, you can obtain the Study Active Certificate with „Aesculapius”. This is a certificate from the educational board and „Aesculapius”, which proves that you were active at the university and study association. By attending congresses and symposia and participating in committees you can collect points and by gathering enough points you can obtain the certificate. For more information about the SAC, you can visit or ask the board. 

From now on it is possible to order the different materials needed for the academic year 2017-2018. Books, lab coats and safety goggles can be ordered through our webshop. On our homepage, you can click on the tab ‘Webshop’ which opens a different window where you can select for which year you need the study materials.

When you are a member of „Aesculapius” you can order your books with a discount and you can become a member by clicking here.

Before you can order your books, you need to make a separate account and this is not the same account for the website.

Like in the last two years, the Charity Committee will organize an auction! The auction will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of May in the Science Club from 17:00 h. Our auctioneer will try his absolute best to sell items and activities for the best price. As usual, all the profit will go to “Stichting Tekenbeetziekten”. To make this auction a big success, we need all the possible help from out fellow students. Do you have an item and/or activity that you would like to sell for some karma points? Let us know before 12:00 h the 3rd of May and e-mail it to and maybe your item will make a big profit! Do you have nothing to get auctioned but still want the karma points? Come to the Science Club the 3rd after your lecture/internship and offer some money for charity!


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