The first party of Panacea will take place on November the first. We will embark in a Mexican atmosphere and celebrate 'Dia de los Muertos.' You can buy your tickets online, at our boardroam or from the Committee. To buy a ticket from our website, first log in. A welcome shot will be ready when entering en when you arrive before 23.00, you will get two free drinks. After 01.00, the doors will close.

On the 2nd and 3rd of October, the FIGON Dutch Medicines Days will take place in Ede. On this conference, different people from the industry, government and institutes will share new findings and present new findings. On the 2th of October, „Aesculapius” has an own session about 'Personalized Medicines'. Members can get a refund of at least €20,- after handing in a proof of registration and a written report about the day.

We hope to see you their next week!

From this year on, you can obtain the Study Active Certificate with „Aesculapius”. This is a certificate from the educational board and „Aesculapius”, which proves that you were active at the university and study association. By attending congresses and symposia and participating in committees you can collect points and by gathering enough points you can obtain the certificate. For more information about the SAC, you can visit or ask the board. 


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